Established in 2023

Our journey starting the company

Why you choose editorit.com?

We are here to fill in the gap between your dream project and reality.

The Editor Information Technology Company, was established on 2023 by a long experience professional who have more than 35 years of experience in the fields of Computer, Design, Programing, Internet, Networking, Administration, HR and Project Management.  Editorit.com was founded to provide an umbrella to embraces different E-Commerce web sites businesses and offer them all required assistance and support in terms of Consulting, Developing, Designing, Hosting, Marketing and Executing.

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Khalid Abdullah Al-Dokhi

General Manager


To embraces different E-Commerce Web Site businesses and offer them all required assistance and support toward success.


Leads the local E-Commerce businesses to the next level of advancement and frees up all the annoying matters the investor may encounter. When we created the Editor Information Technology Company, we did so because we believed that there was always a simpler way. We had a vision that we could help companies and individuals find it. We wanted to grow our workforce, our knowledge base and our business offering. We wanted to do this so that we could provide people with infinite possibilities that would help them do business faster, better and smarter than before. We have the ability to transform IT into a powerful asset that allows our clients to flourish and grow. We use technology to help them achieve their goals and make deeper connections with their customers. We’re technology agnostic and use the best solution for the problem, whatever technology it takes. The kinds of solutions that transform businesses, boost profitability, challenge mindsets and disrupt markets. The kinds of solutions only the Editor Information Technology Company can provide.