CSR initiatives

CSR Initiatives

Editorit.com has begun its challenge this year 2030, aiming to raise the bar on industry standards in responsibility, inclusivity, and sustainability. Each category works towards the greater good for anyone it may touch.

Our responsibility pledge promises to ensure that no employees of Editorit.com or their suppliers have been forced or bonded into work. It also aims to contribute to life-saving technologies specifically focused on traffic accidents and how to reduce them. This goes hand in hand with their commitment to revolutionizing health and safety, inspired by the pandemic.

Our inclusivity pledge demands a more diverse workforce, for both the company of Editorit.com and for each of its suppliers. With a goal of equalizing our workforce from both genders, there is plenty to celebrate with Editorit.com efforts.

That’s not all, as they are working with different entities to improve the access to technologies in order to improve future job prospects.

Our sustainability pledge commitments Editorit.com to achieving a net positive in water usage, zero landfill waste, and carbon-neutral energy output by 2030.