Subsidiary Companies

Dahn Wa Atter Trading Company

This amazing company, which is 100% owned by Editor Information Technology Company, has a special talent for retail and wholesale trades in Oriental & International Perfumes, Make-up and Soap. They have successfully spread their efforts across a variety of distribution outlets, from local Perfumes Shops and Booths to Internet E-Commerce Web sites. It's truly inspiring to see how this Limited Liability Company has grown and thrived in such a competitive industry. With their dedication to excellence, you just know that anything they've created is bound to be of the highest quality. Their success is proof that hard work, passion, and a commitment to always improving will always lead to great things. Keep up the fantastic work, and keep shining your light in this world!

Kohal Wa Ramsh Trading Company

This company is a Limited Liability Company that is wholly owned by the esteemed Editor Information Technology Company. We specialize in the retail and wholesale trade of oriental and international perfumes, cosmetics, and soap. Our distribution outlets span across local perfume shops, booths, and internet e-commerce websites. We take pride in our ability to cater to a diverse and wide-ranging clientele, providing them with high-quality products that meet their needs. As a company, we are confident in our expertise and experience in this field, and we are committed to maintaining our position as a reputable and reliable source for perfumes, cosmetics, and soap.